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To All Bach Society of Minnesota Contributors, with Gratitude

Thank you to all who have given so generously; allowing us to keep the music of J.S. Bach alive.

Bach Society of Minnesota was founded in 1932 by musicians and educators from the University of Minnesota, a movement led by music Professor Donald Ferguson that brought together two music fraternities to prepare a Bach cantata under his direction. The organization was one of the first in North America to take the legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach as an exclusive starting point for performances and programming featuring the timeless music of the great composer and those he inspired. In 1959, nearly 30 years into its founding season, the society’s new leader Dr. David LaBerge developed programming that included works by composers other than Bach.

In 1980, Henry Charles Smith, resident conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra, became artistic director and initiated an annual collaboration between Bach Society and the Minnesota Orchestra performing Handel’s Messiah. Subsequent artistic directors include Paul Oakley, 1987; Roderick Kettlewell, 1997; Myles Hernandez, 2000; Thomas Lancaster, 2004; Paul Boehnke, 2007; and Matthias Maute, 2016. Under Maute’s direction, the Bach Society continues to communicate the depths and passions of Bach’s compositions through period instruments and historic practices, and – much like the musical experimentation that typified the Baroque era – artistic collaborations and performances that occasionally infuse renowned compositions with references to other genres and eras.


To All Bach Society of Minnesota Contributors, with Gratitude

Thank you to all who have given so generously; allowing us to keep the music of J.S. Bach alive.

$100 to 499

Alan & Jolene Hansen
Aleta Borrud and Jim Findlay
Alfred & Ann Moore
Alvin Kvaal
Amanda Knoke
Andrea Leap
in honor of Jonathan Morgan
Arturo Steely
Barbara DeGrote
Benjamin & Sarah Scott
Carlton Kittleson
in memory of Marilyn Kittleson
Carol d'Arbelles
Carolyn & Philip Brunelle
Carolynne and Bill Mathis
Charles Driscoll
in memory of Cynthia Brackett Driscoll
Christine Huelster
Christine Laughlin
Colleen Halpine
Craig Campbell
Cynthia Burns
Cynthia Stokes 
Daniel & Nora O'Sullivan
David & Kathleen Christenson
David Morris
Dick & Marit Nowlin
Donna Morgan
Duane Esterly 
in memory of Crystal Rossow
Dynnell Hein
Elizabeth Kautz
Elynn & Chet Welle
in honor of Jay Kurtz
Erik Haaland & Daniel Holmgren
Francis Luikart
Fred & Kaaren Grimstad
Gary & Lorilee Petrangelo
George Ehrenberg
Gerard & Louise Olson
Gordon & Dorothea Anderson
Grace Wiechman
Harald Eriksen
Helena Li    
Jay & Gretchen Bratvold    
Jayne Gardner    
Jeffrey Daehn
John Windhorst    
Judith & Steven Madole    
Julia O'Brien    
Julie Brown & Jones Adkins
Lester & Dianna Horntvedt
Linda Forsberg
Lynn and Scott Okuno
Mark Lystig
Michael & Lise Barone
Michael & Martha Koch
Michael Dickson
Michael Hollerich
O'Shaughnessy Family
Pamela Marentette
Paul & Joyce Riedesel
Paul Boehnke & Julie Elhard
Peter and Carol Parshall
Pollack Family
Richard Helling & Charles McCormick
Ronald Weiss
Ryan & Jennifer French
S.E. Hodulik
Scott Schilbe
Stephanie Summers
Steve & Barb Demlow
Theresa Quinn-Accurso
Virginia Miller
William & Stephanie O'Brien
William Gamble
William Wallace 
Yvonne Grover   

Up to $99 

in memory of Mendelssohn's revival of Bach's music
Anthony & Allison Harder
Barbara Wismer
Carol Peterson
in honor of James R. Buskirk
Charlotte Peterman
Clea Galhano
Daniel & Hannah Borup
Deb Tetzlaff
Denis Ryono
Diane Steen-Hinderline
Dwight Jilek
Elaine Alper
in memory of John E. Landgraf
Elizabeth Woolner
Garth & Norma Hunt
Glynn E Behmen
Greg Sauve
James Rentz
Jeffrey Ulku
John & Solveig Pearson    
John K Dalland
John W Albers
Karl Fiegenschuh
Laura Potratz
Leda Barnes
Martha Mangan
Michele Deslauriers
Minnesota Chinese Daycare 
Pamela Tezak
Patricia & Bradley D. Larson
Paul Walker
Philip Friedlund & Lisa Isenberg 
Rex & Arlene Holzemer
Sara Hall
Sharleen Spear
Susan & Paul Stageberg
Victoria Van Slyke
Winston Kaehler

$10,000 and Above

David & Terry Gilberstadt
Katherien B. Andersen Fund of Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board
Steven Savitt & Gloria Kumagai

$5,000 to 9,999

Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of The HRK Foundation

Boss Foundation

Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation

Cynthia Chapman

Jay Kurtz & Joan Rabe

Jonathan & Martha Morgan

Kustritz Family in memory of Arnold

Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation Management Improvement Fund

Susan Doherty & Steven Mayer

Thrivent Employee Matching Grant

$1,000 to 4,999

3M Donation and Matching Gifts

Andrew Leung & Holly Fistler

Ann Jennen & Bruce Jacobs



Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation

Diane & Paul Jacobson

Emerald Financial Group Thrivent

General Mill Corporate Matching Gifts

Heide H. Buettner

Jane & Dobson West

Marcia Leatham

Randall M. Egan Publisher of Music

Ruiqi Li & Chi Gao

Sarah & Richard Amos

Schmitt Music Company

Shuang Liang

Thomas & Laurie Rossin

Wiessner Insurance Agency

William B Hauser

in memory of my parents

Yunyue Liu & Marco Real

$500 to 999 
Amy & Jack Fistler 
Dianne Legg & Claire Selkurt Dutton & Caroline Foster
IBM Matching Gifts
Janet Hickenbottom
John Isch
John S Setterlund
Liu Inc CPA
Nancy Werner
Pat & Colin Aldis
Paula Goldstein
Philip Asgian
in honor of young musicians
Phyllis Kahn
Shelley Cross

The above list of donors includes those who have contributed between August 1, 2021 to February 25, 2023. If we have mistakenly left your name off this list, please let us know so we can correct the error.

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