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Outside the Box Series

The focus of this series is to create dialogue and collaboration with artists inside and outside the Western European classical tradition based in Minnesota.

Love in a Time of Hate

Immerse yourself in the gripping tragedy of “Love in a Time of Hate.” Set in a reimagined Latin American dystopia, this modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet explores the timeless themes of love in a futuristic world where unscrupulous politicians manipulate the masses to stay in power. Witness the clash between social classes as corrupt politicians satisfy their greed. Echoes of Shakespeare’s classic resonate throughout this Orwellian landscape, offering a poignant commentary on how hate continues to plague humanity into the future.


Written by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Teatro del Pueblo

Music by Bach Society of Minnesota


June 20 – 30, 2024

Luminary Theater, Luminary Arts Center

700 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

Tickets: Pay What You Can – $39

Teatro del Pueblo

A Latino twist on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Seeds of Culture

Seeds of Culture

Baroque and Hip Hop in Conversation and Cross-Pollination

Co-creators: Marcoantonio Real-d’Arbelles and Hip Hop and Spoken Word artist See More Perspective

November 17, 2023, Friday | 7:30 PM

Sacred Heart Music Center
201 W 4th Street, Duluth


Tickets: In Advance $20 | At the Door $25

Tickets go on sale on September 29.

Presented by Sacred Heart Music Center and University of Minnesota Duluth.

Sacred Heart Music
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